Why You Should Clean Furnace Blower Wheels

Furnaces are a common appliance found in buildings of all types, and they are used to generate heat for the means of managing room temperatures. In order to generate heat that is transferred through an HVAC system, the furnace relies on the combustion of fuel and the functionality of components like motors, filtration systems, and blower wheels. Blower wheels in particular are an essential element of furnaces, serving to move air in and out of the furnace during operations. Over time with regular use, blower wheels may face dirt buildups, those of which can cause significant losses in air circulation, furnace performance, and fuel efficiency. In order to save money on potential repairs and higher fuel requirements, it is essential that one knows how to properly clean the blower assembly of their furnace.

The blower assembly of a furnace will generally come in the form of a set of blades that push air in and out of the system, and dirt may collect on the surfaces of these blades over time. With enough dirt piled on, the blower motor will have to exert more energy to keep the blower operating as usual. This will result in higher energy costs and fuel costs, and heat exchangers may also lose their heat dissipation efficiency as well. With continuous use, blower wheels will face clogging and efficiency losses after several years of no cleaning.

While most parts of an HVAC system can be cleaned fairly easily, furnace blowers are a bit more complicated and often require an expert technician for the job to be carried out correctly. The reason for this is that a dirty blower assembly will require inspection and cleaning for the furnace blower wheel, motor housing, blower assembly, and any present belts and pulleys. Additionally, the technician may also seek ways in which the furnace can be tuned up for more efficiency and heating capability. Aside from having more knowledge, expert technicians can also ensure that cleaning is done with ample safety in mind.

Despite previously mentioning that cleaning should at least be carried out every several years, it is important to keep an eye on the condition of the furnace to determine when the best time is. Even a small buildup of dirt and dust can cause efficiency losses upwards of 20%, that of which translates into higher monthly bills. If such issues are noticed, you should be sure to reach out to a qualified technician at your earliest convenience to schedule a cleaning.

In some instances, furnace components may also simply be aging and/or defective, requiring a replacement for full efficiency and operability to be upheld. In these instances, you will need to make sure that a qualified technician carries out the replacement for safety, and the replacement part should be a suitable component that is of high quality and reliability. Here at Internet of Components, we can help you secure competitive pricing and rapid lead times on all the furnace components and HVAC system products that you need to carry out your operations.

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